Technology design

Selection and design of systems appropriate for centralised, hybrid and decentralised business models.

Incentive design

Intelligent structuring of fees and rewards to ensure a durable network and happy users.

Specialist support

Working with a wide range of professionals with specialist knowledge including law, tax, accounting, software development and hardware engineering. Introductions to industry leading partners and investors for your venture.

Tranquility Node has been an active member of the decentralised peer-to-peer networks movement since 2013, building, sharing, researching and educating. Clients from the worlds of banking, trading and commodities, engineering, marketing and retail value our backgrounds in the regulated financial sector and software engineering disciplines.

We act as the catalyst for our clients, who tend to start with big, high-level ideas but lack deep familiarity with network economies and the decentralisation ecosystem.

We will rapidly identify your needs, refining differentiating factors and devising solutions, strategies and partnerships to help you realise your big idea.


    Oscar Pacey


    Your node in the decentralisation ecosystem. Tranquil at heart. Looking forward to the arrival of the real 'cloud'. Ex-Equity Derivatives.

    Meet us, and other like-minded organisations:


    Aaro Capital

    Aaro Capital

    Fund of Funds

    "We very much value our partnership with Tranquility Node. Oscar’s vast knowledge and experience in the space has been extremely beneficial, particularly during the production of educational materials for our more sophisticated set of investors. His technical understanding of DLT ties in well with the framework provided by our economic academics, and has served to enhance the quality of content we produce across the wider business."



    Institutional Digital Assets Exchange

    "Tranquility Node have been an excellent resource whilst establishing our institutional digital asset exchange. Their significant knowledge and experience in the sector coupled with the ability to apply it to real world use cases has enabled us to ensure that our blockchain implementation is thoughtful and pragmatic. Oscar has the ability to convey complex theories in an easy to understand way that has helped to develop the overall knowledge within our business."



    Blockchain Consultancy

    "Oscar has been by Cryptonomy's side delivering technical research, tokenomics design, project management, business planning advise and client liaison for many of our projects. There are few people who have the knowledge, instincts and productivity rates that Oscar has."

    London Institute of Future Technology

    London Institute of Future Technology

    Blockchain Masterclass

    "LIFT's blockchain course is a masters-in-a-day for professionals and executives. Tranquility Node delivers the technical content of the course and co-teaches the sessions, keeping the demanding clientele on the edges of their seats."



    The Decentralised, Autonomous Web

    "Tranquility Node has galvanised our London community by hosting the monthly #SAFENetwork events with a deep knowledge and an engaging approach to the technical and human aspects of decentralised technology."



    The Experience Barista

    "We very much value Tranquility Node as a partner who is fluent in traditional software design, blockchain systems, and economic strategy. The advice saved us time and enabled us to make complex decisions confidently."